About Carnuccio Counseling LLC

Carnuccio Counseling LLC was established in June 1997 and is located at 440 East Marshall Street Medical Campus in West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380. 

My Invitation to You

Counseling is very effective if you are committed to it as we discuss your issues with a plan of continuity.  The time frame may vary depending on the severity of the identified issues.  I may ask you to participate in some type of homework that would relate to your issues.  I might also suggest that you read specific materials that will help you advance and gain insight into your situation.  Your frequency of your scheduled appointments is also important.  Being consistent leads to the best results.  Appointments that are casual usually result in minimal progress.  I offer a variety of methods to assist you, such as individual and group counseling, along with workshops.  At times, discussions of spirituality might surface throughout our sessions.  I am very sensitive to all religious affiliations and the level in which your beliefs are exercised.  I welcome your openness to express your spirituality, if you wish to do so.  I am eclectic in the schools of psychology with the integation of both psychology and spirituality.  Most often my emphasis is in the Adlerian school of thought which is more directive verses indirective in my approach to counseling.

I work extensively with families and individuals that experience difficult transitions in their lives.  My efforts will always be to help you restore a balance to your life, while assisting you to discover and develop your potential, affording you the opportunity for a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

In order to improve behaviors and situations, which lead to more healthier and productive lifestyles, you will need to understand the importance of personal growth that may be needed regarding your specific issues.  For example, growing up in a dysfunctional family or even having experienced a trauma of some kind can be the cause of many of your current issues.  These issues could be related to childhood experiences and learned behavior, which coincides with past and present actions.  Counseling will improve your awareness of these issues, which may promote reconciliation with yourself and others, as you grow further into personal insight and maturity.


Domenic J. Carnuccio, MA, NCC, LPC